DDO Dungeons and Dragons Online Cleric

Clerics are the strongest healers, but their other combat requires a lot of preparation. Being one of the most versatile players, they need to plan out their day and what spells will be effective in different situations.

Clerics are hardy, which makes them a strong solo player. They are also good at being in groups with the buffs they can provide other party members and themselves. They can wear all types of armor and wield fairly effective weaponry.

Spells they have:
  • Bless (bonus to party members)
  • Cleric's Wisdom (bonus point to wisdom)
  • Skill Tactics I (boost to diplomacy and concentration by +2)
  • Skill Tactics II (+1)
  • Skill Recovery I (boost to heal and repair of +2)
  • Skill Recovery II (+1)
  • Energy of the Zealot (more casting power to start)
  • Energy of the Zealot II (extra 10 spell points)
  • Cure Light Wounds (doubles as a nuke against undead)
  • Divine Favor (self-only hit and damage buff with 1 min. duration)
  • Extra Turning (2+ turn undead attempts per day)
  • Human Versatility I (human only enchantment granting +1 to all skills)

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