DDO Dungeons and Dragons Online Rogue

The Rogue has many nicknames, locksmith, treasure finder, sneak, thief, bandit and more. You can develop this character toward any title. Rogues wear the lightest and quietest armor. Their weapons are chosen by dexterity to make use of their finesse.

Rogues are very knowledgeable, and always have a backup plan for situations. They have more skill points to work with then any other class but are limited to just 4 feats. They are very good at striking from the shadows, picking locks, setting and removing traps, and picking pockets. They also hold some abilities in being able to use magic items and scrolls with a little study. They have no real magic abilities.

Spells they have:
  • Balance (Get up quicker when knocked down)
  • Bluff (Allows you to trick enemies to get sneak attacks)
  • Disable Device (Traps? With this they will be no problem)
  • Hide (Halfling rogues are masters of the shadows)
  • Listen (Nothing sneaks up on a rogue)
  • Move Silently (Important when it's you doing the sneaking)
  • Open Locks (Locked doors and chests will pose no problem for you)
  • Search (For finding traps before they spring on you)
  • Spot (A passive skill that will indicate a trap before you search)
  • Tumble (In combat, rogues are dexterous and hard to catch)

Feats they have:
  • Level 1 Two-Weapon Fighting (An extra weapon in hand means more damage output)
  • Level 3 Weapon Finesse (Allows you to use your dexterity bonus on attack rolls with certain weapons. Excellent for rogues with average strength scores)
  • Level 6 Two-Weapon Defense (Adds a +1 to AC when wielding dual weapons)
  • Level 9 Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (Gain a second off-hand attack; make sure that by level 8 you have raised your dexterity at least one point to 17 to take this feat)

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