DDO Dungeons and Dragons Online Sorcerer

Sorcerers are one of the most powerful and yet vulnerable party members. They have low health and poor armor class, so should fall in the middle of a party. Yet their selection of spells through arcane magic can deal with nearly any situation.

They have a natural ability to magic and work off of intuition instead of logic. They can use most simple weapons but are never going to be combat fighters

Sorcerers have high spell points and can use any of their known spells at will. But you are limited in spell selection and earn higher level spells more slowly. This means that for the first few levels you will only have the ability to use 2 or 3 1st level spells. Sorcerers select their spells as their characters advance, and are always limited to that set of spells.

Spells they have:
  • Chill Touch (does a single high damage attack on living creatures, and against undead causes no damage but makes them panic and retreat from the caster. One Chill Touch can take out many low level monsters in one hit, making short work of scores of kobolds, spiders and other baddies. Against undead the fear effect means you can pummel the horror at will without fear of retribution. The main limitation for the spell is that it doesn’t work on constructs like iron guardians, and its short range makes it hard to land if your intended target is chasing someone else.)
  • Ray of Enfeeblement (strength from the victim, significantly lowering their chance to hit and the amount of damage they do. Works on all creatures with no saving throw)
  • Cause Fear (panic effect forces them to slowly back away from you and stop attacking. limitations are that it only works on living creatures, and only up to a certain level of creature)

Feats they have:
  • Spell Focus: Necromancy

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