DDO Dungeons and Dragons Online Wizard

The Wizard is the party’s magical powerhouse, devoting their life to being one. Their most important piece of equipment is their spellbook. They usually have low hit points and armor class, and one of the most vulnerable in a party. The party relies on a Wizard to deal the decisive blow or to wear down the enemy.

They are very skilled at producing and studying magic items and are the best at using magic items than all the other classes. They are also able to call familiars to work with them as their experience grows. Wizards have a strong sense of self and are the most likely to seek out others to make secret societies and guilds. They see themselves as elite thinkers and are rarely seen in the front ranks of a fight. They are driven by power and will seek a life of adventure to develop their skills, gain knowledge and more power.

Wizards are able to prepare a number of spells based on their level before each adventure, selecting anything that they have in their spellbook.

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