DDO Dungeons and Dragons Online Scorpion

Creature Type: Vermin
Environment: Any
Attack: Claw, sting
Special Qualities: Hide, poison, burrow
Organization: Solitary or hive (4+)

Scorpions - at least of the monstrous variety - present a unique challenge to unwary adventurers. They are incredibly large, ranging from the size of a dog all the way up to the size of a horse. Capable of hiding and burrowing for short distances beneath soil or loose rock, the scorpion is a very dangerous foe despite its mindless nature. Indeed, as a near-mindless creature, it cannot be affected by many of the tricks or spells that affect other monsters. A typical encounter usually entails the scorpion darting out of the shadowy corners of a dungeon chamber and, unnoticed, making its attack. Unless a character is especially wary (once again rogues prove their usefulness if you can find a trustworthy one), the scorpion won't be noticed until its stinger is descending into vulnerable flesh, dripping with poison. Even after the fight has begun, the scorpion has the tendency to quickly burrow beneath the earth, frequently enabling it to spring up on a flank or behind its target& rendering attempts to dodge or block its blows very difficult indeed.

In Xen'drik, the drow possess a strange affection for the scorpion. They use ensorcelled scorpions as guards, wards, and traps against the intrusion of would-be heroes. They seem to especially enjoy employing scorpions in dungeon areas where adventurers could be trapped, or near where they might hope to rest.

Especially large or more powerful scorpions - night, desert, and death stalker scorpions - should simply be avoided whenever possible. You're directed to seek the firepower of a talented wizard or sorcerer to blast these creatures from afar, or gain access to immunity to poison (such as that provided by a neutralize poison spell) - or to simply run as fast as you can.

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From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard
12 Nymm, 998:

The heat and humidity of the jungle is oppressive and makes it difficult to think. I am quite jealous of Zarn's construct nature - the insects are leaving him alone, for the most part.

The drow of Xen'drik coexist more peacefully with the insects of the jungle that I do. They call monstrous scorpion their allies, and believe the vermin are servitors of their scorpion-god, Vulkoor, who many believe is an aspect of the Mockery. I know little else of their relationship, other than that the few drow I have met often ritually scar with the venom from the beasts, leaving intricate patterns of white lines on their dark skin, and often wear armor crafted from the chitin of fallen scorpions.

The scorpions of Xen'drik are extremely aggressive - a few the size of dogs attacked us earlier in our journey, burrowing out from the ground as we walked past and attacking from surprise. Their venom is highly toxic, killing rather than paralyzing their prey. It's said that monstrous scorpions never stop growing, and rumor has it that deep within the jungle dwells a scorpion the size of a Lyrandar airship, but no outsiders have ever seen it and lived. I always take such rumors with a grain of salt, since if no one has seen it, where did the rumor come from?

14 Nymm, 998:

These ruins were abandoned long ago, destroyed by an earthquake in ages past. Who built the complex is lost to the mystery of time - it was clearly not built by giants, but the architecture does not resemble anything else we've found. Unfortunately the soundness of the architecture is precarious at best. So far, our passage has caused two rockslides that destroyed priceless knowledge, and I have convinced Zarn to stay back, and for the others to remove their heavy armor so they do not stumble and cause further damage to the site.

The webs hanging from the walls suggest a presence of giant spiders, confirmed by recent tracks spotted by Kleija. The others grumbled, but dexterity and freedom to move will serve us far better in here than chain and plate.

The spiders of Xen'drik are a remarkably varied lot. There are brown hunting spiders that do not spin webs, but instead rely only on their speed and strength-sapping poison to weaken and catch their foes. Glass spiders are stealthy and breed quickly - a single glass matron can infest an area with hundreds of young, driving out all other creature, in mere days. Others spiders spin webs to capture their opponents, woe to the creature caught in their silky strands.

I cannot help but wonder one thing - there are signs of spiders here, but what do they eat?

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