DDO Dungeons and Dragons Online Warforged

Warforged are a race of sentient constructs built to battle in the last war. The Warforged body is covered by armor plating, giving it an inherent bonus bit prevents them from wearing any other armor. They can upgrade their armor by selecting feats, such as Adamantine Body or Mithril Body which carry bonuses and penalties similar to standard armor types. Warforged can also gain additional abilities and customize their appearance by using docents.

Warforged also have a host of immunities. They have a bonus to saving throws against effects such as poison, paralysis or energy drain. They have Light Fortification, which gives them a chance to avoid the extra damage from a critical hit or sneak attack.

To balance this, there are a number of disadvantages to being a Warforged as well. As machines, they are less affected by spells that heal hit points or ability damage. They carry a penalty to their Wisdom and Charisma abilities. When resting, the number of hit points they regain is dependent upon their own or an ally’s repair skill.

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